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Good Story and Characters

Possession of a Highlander - Madeline Martin

Brianna Lindsay was the lady of the castle but few knew her father the Earl was dead and that is how she planned to keep it awhile longer. Brianna had sent her Master of The Guard - Bernard to deliver a letter to Parliament but Bernard was returned to Brianna dying. Bernard was like Brianna’s father and with the Earl also dying it was if Brianna lost two fathers: one who truly loved her and her biological father. Colin had brought Bernard back to the castle. Colin also declares to his friend Alec one day the castle and it’s land would be his. Colin was a Highlander but he obviously had money. Brianna felt Highlanders could not be trusted. Colin told Brianna he feared she was in danger. Colin became Brianna’s Captain Of The Guards as her soldiers were not trained well enough to defend the castle. Brianna doesn’t want to marry her evil cousin Lord Robert. Colin hopes to marry Brianna himself and prove to his father he was a leader. Brianna wanted to to do as she wants and make her own decisions. But she also needs protection from Robert and her uncle. Colin is willing to step up and marry Brianna even if the reasoning is a little different than Brianna thinks.

I enjoyed reading this story. It had a good plot. I enjoyed the characters at first I wasn’t to happy that Colin was willing to use Brianna to prove himself to his father but that changes as the story goes on. I like the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.