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Breaking a Legend - Sarah  Robinson

Rory used to be a legendary M M A fighter. But then Rory had a horrible leg injury and he could no longer fight. Now Rory drinks a lot, uses drugs with his leg as an excuse and has alot of meaningless sex. Claire moves to NYC  to try and start over.Claire had been an orphan and made mistakes.  Claire has been abused by her ex and filled with deceit, and addiction with the abuse. Claire has started a self defense class and that is when she met the Kavanagh family. Rory was the oldest son. Rory knows he has to change and Claire is a great reason. There is a burning attraction between Rory and Claire. Rory bust past Claire’s walls and helped Claire regain confidence to be who she is. Rory also rescued a dog named Ace who had a rough  life before Rory got him. Rory and Claire had quickly become friends and the relationship goes from there.

I liked this story but felt Rory’s and Claire’s romance built way to fast. Also sometimes the writing just seemed off to me. The story became a little predictable and was slightly repetitive in some places. Another thing that bothered me is once Rory and Claire were together Rory’s problems and issues ex- drinking and drugs- didn’t really seem to matter or be brought up any more. I still enjoyed the story and liked Rory and Claire and the other characters in this story. I laughed in some spots also and definitely liked Ace. So I didn’t hate it but didn’t quiet love it either.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.