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Releasing Her Dragon - Elianne Adams

Stella was going to catch him this time if he wanted nothing to do with her he should release Stella. But Stella wanted him and really wanted him to want her. If Stella didn’t mate soon she would shift and never be in human form again. Stella’s body was making demands on her she wasn’t able to satisfy. All Stella had to do was sniff the man to know if he was meant for her. Brycen was his name and there was a human woman trying to claim him. When Stella caught his scent she knew he was her mate. Stella was determined to find Brycen and free herself. Brycen had tore Stella’s heart choosing a human over her and Stella knew she would never find anything as good as she and Brycen could have had together. Once this job  was over Brycen planned on going after  the she dragon and beginning her to forgive him. Luke had talked Brycen into going to the bar. Then Stella came in and Brycen caught her scent and knew he had to leave. Stella was the new singer for the bar. Stella had lost all her family and clans to dragon hunters about twelve years ago and Stella doesn’t really know everything about being a dragon. As humans and dragons now lived side by side. Dragons had been hunted to  a small amount compared to how many there had been in days of old.

I really liked this story it was fast paced and had: love, drama, compassion, humans, dragons, heartaches, and more. This story fit a lot into it for being a novella. This story had a different take in that if you didn’t find your mate in a certain amount of time you would remain a dragon forever. But there were times when things seemed rushed even for a novella. Also there should have been more of a back story on the characters especially Brycen and Stella even in something as simple as what they looked like. But I did like this story a lot and would have given a 4.5 if I could. I loved the ins and outs such as they were and I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.