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Good Story and Characters

Viking Warrior Rising - Asa Maria Bradley

Naya was trying to free her brother Scott. Both Naya and Scott had suffered at the hands of Dr. Trousil and the rest of the scientists. It had taken Naya eleven months and six days to return to get Scott. Naya was now a super soldier after ten years of weekly injections since Naya had been twelve years old. She was now the ultimate weapon: she had spent a lot of time on her combat skills , but had also trained in electronics, cyber technology, and weaponry including explosives. Scott was the only family Naya had now. The program that had allowed what had happened to both Naya and Scott was the government sponsored black op program. Now that Naya had gotten Scott to Dr. Rosin’s clinic but her brother Scott didn’t really seem to be getting better. Naya was one of the best cyber security experts in the world and would pay anything for Scott to get better. Leif was a Viking King and he had a Berserker within him as all his warriors did and Leif’s Berserker wanted to be fed and was becoming harder to control. Leif left and went to the nightclub desire to feed his Berserker on human energy as that is what calmed the Berserker in Leif. Leif was one of Odin’s Elite Warriors but they weren’t really needed much in today’s world. But now Loki was sending his minions to the human realm- Midgard and Leif had to get the proof. Then Leif sees four of the minions and was doing okay fighting them until he was drugged then he went down and they were just constantly kicking and hurting him. Naya saw what was happening and had to help so she ended up saving Leif. He thanks her with a kiss but then his Berserker wants her for his own. Naya is a loner and doesn’t do relationships. Leif and Naya are definitely attracted to each other.

I really liked this story definitely different but that’s probably why I liked it so much. I liked that Naya helped Leif just because he was down and four creatures were still on him. I think at some point Leif and Naya had to many secrets between them .. I loved all the characters for the most part and all the ins and outs of Leif and Naya as well as the story. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.