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Good Story and Characters

Knightless in Seattle (Knit Witchery Tales Book 1) - Jill Jaynes

It is Jackie’s birthday. Jackie  wishes she had been born in a different era when there where knights who rescued damsels in distress. Jackie has a nowhere job with a demanding boss and she hopes for a better future.  Her best friend knitted her a pair of mittens that may have  magic in them. On her way back from picking up the mittens Jackie ran out of gas. Then a knight pushed her car to the gas station. The Man dressed as a knight was actually in a play at the Renaissance Festival. Lance is a Martial Arts Master and owned several Martial Arts Studios. . He is in Seattle on business and pleasure as he is participating in a L A R P tournament-  Live Action Role Playing-. Lance  meets Jackie and and likes her and invites her to the tournament then after the tournament Lance invites Jackie to celebrate with him.

I loved this short story it was just so sweet. Also it made me laugh at times. It was just a quick light read but it also lighted up my day. If only…… I love the ins and outs and I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.