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Great Story and Characters

Beneath the Surface - Melynda Price

Quinn had been in Haiti and came across some information she shouldn’t have and some one was out to kill Quinn. When Quinn got to her apartment she found her roommate Emily murdered and the apartment in shambles. Quinn had only been back in the states and only one person knew it. Quinn believed there was a good chance the government was involved. There had also been a message left that she was being hunted. Quinn called her sister Violet she was in trouble and told her brother in law Nikko he wanted her to come to him she refused she didn’t want her sister and her family involved. Nikko told her to go to Ashe and he would protect her. Although Ashe and Quinn did not like each other and did not get along. But Nikko trusted Ashe could keep her safe so she did as Nikko asked and got on a train and headed to Ashe. First she went to his father’s bar and Robert- Ashe’s father toke her to Ashe’s home. An excellent story I absolutely loved this. The danger, suspense, betrayal, the intense attraction all added to this story. This book had so much in it nut was perfectly written the plot was excellent also as were the characters . I loved the twists and turns in this story and I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.