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Great Story and Characters

Rebellious: A True Brothers MC Novel - Gillian Archer

Emily’s best friend  was Jess who was marrying a biker named Zag. Emily was close to a eight year old little boy named Tucker. One night Emily was on her way home and all she wanted to do was be alone and relax when she got to her apartment building Tucker was sitting outside with a grocery bag of junk food. Emily invited him in and ordered pizza for them to eat. Then she toke Tucker to his dad’s MC clubhouse because she was ready to call children’s division but she also knew what the foster care system was like and did not want that for Tucker if she could help it but she wasn’t gonna watch him being neglected either. Tucker’s dad was a piker and President of the True Brothers MC.  Before she knew it Emily was staying with Tucker at his dads Rebel’s house to make sure it was an okay place for Tucker to be otherwise Emily would call in Children’s services. Enily started to care for Rebel and he for her and rebel loved his son no doubt about that.

I loved this story . I especially loved how Rebel might have been a biker but was an excellent father who deeply loved his son. I loved how rebel handled Emily’s ex and how he made sure Tucker and Emily were safe. This story had a great plot and was well written. I loved the ins and outs of this story. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.