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Great Story and Characters

Every Yesterday (Boot Creek) - Nancy Naigle

Megan had once been a painter and very good at it but that was before her last relationship failed and her father had passed away. Megan’s dad left her a car a 1957 Desoto . Noah was in town for his best friend Jackson’s wedding as he was best man.Noah had been looking for a 1957 Desoto to buy. Megan is to be maid of honor at Angie’s wedding who is Jackson’s fiance. Angie wants to borrow the Desoto for  the wedding but Megan doesn’t really want to lend  the car out. Noah believes he can get Megan to sell the car and even makes a bet with Jackson on it. Even though she could use the money Megan does not want to sell the car to anyone. Megan has good memories of times with her dad tied up with the car.The car is part of her dad to Megan. Megan doesn’t believe in marriage she believes they don’t last and Noah never wants to marry. Both Noah and Megan have been deeply hurt.

This was a great story. I am not a car enthusiast but there are a few I really love. But I do understand memories being tied to a physical object and how important that object can be to someone. This story had a great plot and was well written. The characters were great and I loved the ups and downs of this story especially involving Megan. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.