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Good Story and Characters

Dream Caller (A Dream Seeker Novel Book 3) - Michelle Sharp

Jordan had moved in with Tyler.Jordan was a St Lewis narcotics detective. She could also connect with the spirits of murder victims while sleeping in her dreams. No way could Jordan come across normal. This last dream Jordan had actually seen the murderer as well as his victim - Hailey- as she died. Ty knew Jordan had dreams often from cases she was working on and the information came from the dead. This was the first time Jordan had really tried to work out a relationship. Ty was a homicide detective. Jordan was know living with Ty and had a pet for the first time a dog named beauty. Beauty was astray who collapsed on Ty and Jordan’s property after a fight with a coyote. Beauty was a sweet loving dog. Ty was at another homicide scene with Victim - Hailey- who had been nineteen. Bahan was an FBI agent who used the excuse to see Tyu and Jordan’s new home to come to see her. Jordan thought Bahan was bringing her a new case. Jordan had just found out her dad was not a drug dealer that she had hated for twenty years because of what he did but actually he had been with the FBI for seven years and a St Lewis cop before that. Her dad and another agent had been deep undercover in a drug cartel when something went very wrong. This had happened twenty years ago.  Jordan had been there hidden when her father, mother, and sister had been murdered.

I liked this book alot. I hadn’t read the previous books but I am going to try to get them. I did enjoy this book anyway. I did think they made too much of Ty’s and Isabel’s past. Jordan should have been more secure with Ty as he obviously cares deeply fro her or they wouldn’t be living together. I loved the way Jordan is determined to know the truth about her family’s murder. This is just all around a good story. I loved the plot and the characters were really good. I also really liked the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.