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Good Story and Characters

Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher (2015-06-18) - Giovanna Fletcher;

Sarah’s boss is Jonathan and she is his PA. Sarah works for Red Brick Productions - television production company specializing in reality tv about people moving to live abroad. Sarah’s ex was Don but she still seen him quiet q bit as they share they same group of friends since they had been in college. Don and Sarah had been together for seven years when he left her for Lexi. Sarah secretly calls her Perfect Lexi. Sarah's- as well as Don’s- friends are: Natalie, Josh, Alastair, and Carly. Then Sarah seen Brett at the Barge cafe but did not stop to say hi. Then Sarah starts dreaming about Brett even though she hadn’t known him that well. Sarah starts falling for the Brett in her dreams when the real Brett comes back in her life and takes a job same office as Sarah. The flirting between Sarah and Brett is great. Sarah has been single five years.

I liked this story and I enjoyed reading it. The plot was good as was the writing. Beginning was a little slow but I did get through it. I loved how it showed the different times Sarah is with her friends and wouldn’t want to make them choose between her and Don. It was nice to know she had them. I think there were a few too many dream segments though. I really enjoyed when Brett became real in Sarah’s life. It had to be hard to live up her dream Brett and who Brett really was. I found several parts of this story funny and did laugh. All and all a very good story. I did like the ins and out of this story especially the fantasy between the real. I recommend.

I recieved an ARC of this story for an honest review.