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Good Story and Characters

Minutes to Kill - Melinda Leigh

Jewel was trying to escape and got out the bathroom window if Mick caught her now she was dead or wishing she was dead. Mick pulled Jewel back in the window eventually she was able to get out the window again. But she knew Mick would be after her. Hannah was a lawyer and on a business trip in Vegas. She tries to save a young girl being forced to go with a guy but she can’t at the last minute. Hannah goes home but the kidnappers managed to get her wallet that her ID and address so now the kidnappers know where to look for her and her family. . Hannah goes to Detective Brody McNamara for help. Feelings grow between Hannah and Brody.

I loved this story there was kidnapping young girls for the sex trade as well as their organs , there is alot of suspense action and romance and just alot going on.  This is also easy to follow and once you have to stop you want to keep reading until you finish this story at least that is how it was for me. It makes me sick to know this actually happens in our country. That there are really such evil bad people. There was a few times this dragged a little but got through it the story was that good. The good characters were well portrayed and the bad guys were certainly very evil. The ins and outs of this story were really good to read and I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.