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Good Story and Characters

Falling for Christmas (Falling for the Freemans Book 1) - Kate Hewitt

Hannah is from NYC and had been at a Christmas party and walked out after seeing her ex fiance and walked out and just started driving then the weather was getting bad and she realized she had went three hundred miles and the snowstorm was turning into a blizzard and she turned off an exit and gets stuck. Sam is a carpenter and accountant from the country. When on his way home Hannah flags him down and Sam rescues her and since there is no where to stay Sam even lets her stay with him.Sam and Hannah are opposites and both have walls around their hearts. Hannah was raised by his professional mother. Hannah was told at a very young age constantly to keep a thin figure. Hannah’s mother didn’t celebrate holidays unless her mother had a party and could network.  Sam had intended to spend the holiday with a bottle of booze. Sam’s mom have left when he was sixteen. So both Sam and Hannah have issues.

I like this story , it was short but still had alot in it and I enjoyed it. This really was a sweet story. I’m glad stopped and helped Hannah and let her stay with him through Christmas. I really liked Sam and Hannah’s characters and would like to know more about their characters. But due to the length of this story I understand hopefully we will see more of Sam and Hannah. I do have some questions that weren’t answered by the end of this story. I like the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.