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Good Story and Characters

Nailed - Opal Carew

Kane had paid five thousand dollars to have dinner with River. Only River did not know who she was really having dinner with. This had been River’s idea to get online donors to contribute to a business initiative. River was suppose to have Saturday off then the boss switched the schedule so she had to work it but got off a little early. The donor had wanted dinner at the Carousel a high end restaurant. River was surprised and angered when she seen who she was to have dinner with. It was Kane Winters who had broke her heart, betrayed and humiliated her and toke her virginity back in college. Kane admitted to being nailpolishlover209. River was the type who honor her word and Kane reminded her she said she would have dinner so she stayed rather then walk out like she wanted to. They were in a private dining room also. Kane had let River know he had bought  all her options so there weren’t alot of people out there trying her nail polish and hopefully come back to her and order more. Kane wanted River bad and he would do whatever it toke to get her. He had arranged for her nail polish to be sold in Rapture- a boutique that specialized in designer products,That was his way of making up to her for what he had done. But there was the stipulation that Kane had to be a partner. For Rapture to carry the nail polish. Then on the last page was the fact they had to marry for Kane to make this all happen for her.

I really liked this story. The story had a good plot and writing. I was a little surprised at the twist with his friend but that was okay. Characters were good I liked them.I also liked the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.