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Sting - Sandra Brown

Shaw had spent months trying to get an interview with the hit man Mickey Bolden. He finally met with Bolden and Bolden reassured Shaw that he would get a hold of Shaw when he could use his services. That had been six months ago. Then Shaw got a call he was to work with Mickey himself on Thursday so Shaw finished his business and headed out to meet Mickey.The contract was on Jordan Bennett - owner of Extravaganza a much saught after event planning business in New Orleans but more important to Mickey she was the sister and only relative to much saught after crook Joshua Bennett. Then Shaw shot Mickey dead when Mickey was to kill Jordan. Shaw then kidnapped Jordan himself. Joe was an FBI agent who was called at home and told Mickey was dead and he went to the crime scene and Jordan Bennett’s car was still there but no Jordan. Jordan was protective of Joshua when he was young , she was the popular one and Joshua was a gaming geek. Mickey Bolden had been Panella’s hit man and Panella had put the contract on Jordan in order to get to her brother.Shaw eventually let Panella know he wanted two million for the hit on Jordan and he proved he had Jordan. But one thing about Shaw he had never killed a woman.

This story was ok but it dragged in places for me and I had found it hard to finish but pushed through until the end. I didn’t love this story but I definitely did not hate it. After awhile in the story I didn’t seem to get what was going on. Then romance was shot in the story and I kinda didn’t expect it or felt it really fit but that is me. All and all this wasn’t a bad story just not my favorite but did have surprises in it and I did enjoy reading most of the book to some degree. As I said just not a favorite.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.