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Good Story and Characters

The Art of Christmas - Jane Lovering

Hattie lost her husband Jonno. But it had been two years and Hattie is thinking she’d like to celebrate Christmas again.  She goes up in the attic to get her Christmas tree and ornaments and finds a box of Jonno’s graphic novel. She then contemplates her own life. She decides to sell the novels and contacts Kell - a book dealer. She finds out the novels are worth alot of money. Then Kell remembers Jonno  in a way that doesn’t sit right with Hattie. He remembers Jonno coming in with another woman. But kell is a real sweet and lonely guy and has a great dog named Frodo.

The novella was a very good read and the plot and writing were both very good. I felt bad when Hattie questioned her marriage but was happy that was resolved. I really loved Frodo and how he just made you smile. I also liked how Hattie was not afraid to let her feelings grow for someone else she was cautious but not all against the idea. I loved all the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.