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Great Story and Characters

Learning to Live - Jerrica Knight-Catania

Jessica/ Jess lost her fiance - Kyle. they had been engaged one day and she had been on top of the world . On Sept 11th her world bottomed out and Kyle was dead. Her whole life had been torn apart and she couldn’t now seem to get out of bed jet she really didn’t sleep. Jessica really didn’t know how to carry on and live again. She was only a shell of her former self. In a couple of months Jessica moved back home with her parents and there two she had difficulty getting out of bed and her parents were worried about her. They pushed her to start getting out of the house if only for a walk. Then Brandon stops to see how Jess's doing. Brandon had lost his parents so he knew how Jess felt he had to learn  to live again he was just a little farther ahead of getting his life back together but his younger sister Caroline was taking the death of her parents worse then Jess toke Kyle’s death. Jessica remembers Brandon had been a nerd in school but now that he had grown up he was a hot confident man and he owned a success company. Then Jess comes up with an idea to help troubled kids and Brandon is right there with her. Jess is starting to care for Kyle and wondered if she was as in love with Kyle as she thought.

A truly touching story. When tears come down my cheeks when reading a book it is a high tribute to the author and her writing and story.I felt I was there feeling Jessica’s as well as Caroline’s pain and despair even Brandon who wasn’t totally healed. So beautifully written and the plot was great. I was glad Jessica decided to come back to life and thought of as way to help  troubled children and Brandon was right there also. Also trying to help Caroline.I highly recommend this story but mane sure you have Kleenex on hand.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.