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Search For The Truth (Choc Lit) - Kathryn Freeman

Tess’s mother died from heart failure while on a new treatment for cancer she had only had the  medicine once before she died. Tess, her father, and brother Mark wasn’t taking it very well. Tess is a journalist and works for the Daily News. Tess was going undercover and would go back to her real job after she found out about the medicine Zuplex her mom and other people have taken and more in the future. A young woman named Avail had come to Tess’s mom’s wake her mom had passed away from a heart attack and had taken the same medicine Tess’s mom had and Tess’s mom and Avail’s mom So this was Mark’s and Tess’s best shot to finding anything out. So Tess’s new job was at the company that made the new medicine her mom and Avail’s mom had taken. It had taken Tess eighteen months to get this chance. The company she is starting to work for is Helix Pharmaceuticals.  Jim was Tess’s boss he had just returned to the company a couple months ago after leaving for a couple  years. But there is an attraction between Tess and Jim even though he has stated no romance between him and his co-workers. He had been there done that and it did not turn out good.

I had some problems with this story but did finish it and for the most part liked it. First the story dragged in some parts had to keep interest and the story was very predictable and it takes the WOW from the story. That doesn’t make for a great read. I did like Tess;s determination to find the truth although her feelings were getting messed up in her investigation. I did like the ins and outs of this story. But it wasn’t a favorite read of mine.

I received a ARC of this story for a honest review.