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The Lady Who Lived Again - Thomasine Rappold

Maggie had lived through an accident while 3 of her best friends had not. The doctor had even pronounced Maggie dead and the next day she came to and then the town felt she was some kind of demon and wished she had died with the other girls. It had been three years and still whenever she went to town everyone watched everything she did. Even those who had cared for and loved her. Now seemed to dread seeing her like all the rest of the town other than her grandfather.Her three friends were gone but before the accident they were called the Fair Five. Maggie was the sole survivor of the worst tragedy in Misty Lake’s history. Daniel even broke off Maggie and his engagement. Maggie had awakened after the accident with the ability to heal but she kept that to herself. Jace was the new doctor in town and had been quiet the player in the big city. Jace had shot a deer on Maggie's grandfathers land Maggie had healed it before he came tracking it.Amelia was out of town before and after the accident so she hadn’t seen how Maggie was treated and still was being shunned for being alive. She is the one friend Maggie still has. Amelia wanted Maggie to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Maggie helps Jace get his office up and running and Maggie tells some people they are engaged. Jace sees how Maggie is treated and decides to go along with the fake engagement.

I really liked this story. I felt really bad for Maggie for all she had suffered. Felt like I was there with her. I understand why she lied about her and Jace and was very glad he went along with it. It had only toke one person top say Maggie was a demon for the whole town to turn on her so sad. But back in those days ….   How hard it had to have been to been so popular and loose three of her best friends as well as her own serious physical things Maggie had to go through to heal but then to be so unwanted by everyone but her grandfather. A couple times Jace was a little mean to Maggie and i didn’t like that at all after how everyone else treats her. I love the plot . I liked the ins and outs of this story. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.