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Good Story and Characters

Witches Don't Back Down - Meredith Allen Conner

Ash is King of the Demons. Kate is in love with Ash and he with her. She is a cursed witch who is half human. The non human creatures see Kate as weak and a loser. Al is Kate’s constant companion but she’s not in love with Al like he is with her, In Al’s former life he was a Mafia hit man. Al’s ghost went into Kate’s chihuahua . Kate was a good witch and didn’t like black magic. Kate felt she couldn’t live without Al or Ash. Soon Ash will have to go back to Hell as his sin is lust which is tied to Hell. Kate’s Aunt Morgause had made a deal with Ash to break his tie to Hell but for her to do this he must kill Kate. Kate is a romantic and has a matchmaking business called Love Required. Kate curse had to do with love. Kate had no human friends and six non human friends. Kate’s best friend is Morgan who is a vampire.

I really ;love this story. It was just so cute as far as I am concerned. Kate never fit in but she seems to be really trying to find answers to her problems like Ash having to go back to hell and her aunt wanting her dead to name a few. The only real complaint I had was the continuous mention of how small Al was once or twice mentioning it was fine but over and over was irritating. Most every knows how small a chihuahua is . I like the ins and outs of this story alot and I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.