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The Night Clock - Paul Meloy

The Night clock is a pub  across from Les and Paul’s pub. Les and Paul don’t go into the Night Clock as they believe the cellar is a compartment of Hell. Barry was stumbling toward Lewis’s house. Barry only had one arm and was already dead Dawn is Lewis’s mom and feels someone should put Barry out of his misery then Barry pushes himself into their house. Someone came in Dawn’s kitchen and put a pitchfork through Barry led him out to a field and set him on fire. Lefty is suppose to be taking care of his child and instead is reading his book and drinking coffee. Golleck is a police community support officer and has a strict code with no bending. But actually is a coward.He stops in a store and then hears some shops coming from the community center by the time Golleck gets there he finds that Lefty is the dad shooting the kids.

I could nit get into this story. I tried just too much jumping around for me. I understand the plot and the Night Clock was letting evil monsters out on the “world” but did nothing for me.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.