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Good Story and Characters

Whispers in the Mist (A County Clare Mystery) - Lisa Alber

Danny had been married to Ellen but their marriage was failing after two years of turmoil Danny had moved out that had been one year ago. Ellen’s and Danny daughter’s youngest daughter had died and Danny was sure he was why Ellen wasn’t healing. Danny was a detective sergeant.  Danny was called to see a dead body when Danny got to the scene the boy wasn’t yet dead but he died as Danny tried to perform CPR on him. The boy looked like a city boy not more than seventeen. Danny thought of his son talking about the “ Grey Man”. The other officers had nicknamed the boy “ lost boy” as he had no identification. After a couple weeks a local young man went missing and then was found dead. His name was Branden he was his father’s- Seamus-  pride and joy. Now another stranger to the area- Gemma was missing and Danny’s wife had been attacked and in the hospital not in good shape.

This story dragged a little in places. But I still liked the story. It had alot to it: myth, intrigue, betrayal, murder, physical attacks, an affair, suspense, a matchmaker. A festival, a mute woman, a dog, a gift shop, a jewellery line and so much more. It was a good mystery that i did enjoy. I liked the twists and turns of the story alot. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.