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Some Great Stories, Some Not So Great Stories

Love at First Bite: A 13 Book Excite Spice Vampire Romance MEGA Bundle (Excite Spice Boxed Sets) - Selena Kitt, Bianca Sommerland, Jami Brumfield, Tilly Greene, Rebecca Royce, Onne Andrews, Dottie Wilson, Indie Mon, Brooke Adams, Lynda Belle

-The Blood of the Angels-Selena Kitt-5 Stars
The Blood of Angels is a story that follows the world of Zeph, a fate fairy who follows mankind around in order to line up fateful events in humans' lives. She finds herself more and more drawn into human actions and when she meets one that can see her, she uses her annual wish so that she can experience what it's like to be human for one day. I really enjoyed this story. It was very sweet experiencing everything through Zeph's eyes, especially once she became human.
-Deadly Captive-Bianca Sommerland-1 Star
Lydia becomes conscious completely chained up and not remembering anything. The first thing she sees is Joe. This story should have had a warning on it. It starts right off with a situation I don’t care to read about and gets worse from there. I did manage to finish the story out of morbid curiosity but the story really wasn’t for me.
-The Witch's Vampire-Jami Brumfield-2 Stars
Just after her mother succumbs to cancer, Sophie Waters is told that not only is she a witch, but she is to be the town’s next witch doctor. When she takes off in despair, she runs into Giovanni Mancuso, the vampire prince. I started out liking this story, but the farther I got, the less I liked it. I didn’t like the different character switched Sophia seemed to have. I also didn’t like how the POVs changed from paragraph to paragraph. I made it through most of the story, but when the Greek mythology got changed up, I had to stop.
-Bite Marks Rebecca Royce-5 Stars
George is a writer whose determined that Trudy, a bartender at a local bar, is to be his future wife. If only she’d finally go on a date with him. Just as she finally accepts his request, he is bitten by a vampire and left for dead. I really liked this story. It was very fast-paced and kept my interest. Trudy is a real spit-fire. I especially liked her characters. She’s a no-nonsense type of person and finally decides to take what she wants.
I read 4 of the stories in this anthology. I loved two of them and really disliked two of them. That’s odd for me. Usually I tend to like most every story, but that wasn’t the case this time. Because of that, I haven’t finished the anthology. I do highly recommend the two stories that I loved.
**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review