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Santorini Sunsets: A Novel - Anita Hughes

Bridget and Blake were getting married. He is a famous actor and she is an attorney in NYC. They had met at a fund raiser for the Save The Children Foundation. Bridgett was determined to change things for children she had seen in different parts of the world. She had just quit her job and was joining her father in the running of the  Palmer Foundation. Blake even donated a potion of every ticket price to needy kids in Nepal, Pakistan, and China. He also was concerned about the world’s children and doing something about it. Blake was committed to help ending worldwide poverty and starvation. So Blake and Bridget fell in love and decided to marry. Then Bridget’s first husband  Nathaniel showed up she hadn’t seen Nathaniel since he walked out of their apartment two years ago. Now he was in Santorini where she was to be married in four days. Then she finds out as Natahaniel shows her the signed agreement that Blake had sold the exclusive of their wedding and the days before  to  Hello magazine. Blake had been paid two million dollars which he donated  for  charity. Bridget could not believe Nathaniel got the job of writing the articles about the lead up and her wedding itself and Blake hadn’t told her . It was suppose to be a small and personal wedding. Nathaniel now freelance writes for newspapers and magazines. Bridget has known Nathaniel since kindergarten.

I didn’t hate this story but I didn’t love this as much as I thought I would. Maybe because  I figured out the ending shortly after I started reading the story. This story just didn’t WOW me but I did like this story. I loved how the places are described in this story you feel like you are there. But honestly I felt like Bridget was a bit fickle or really didn’t know her own heart and feelings. All through this story she is so in love with Blake and then just about to the ends she finds out some things that upset her and I understand why she called things off but to turn around and all of a sudden she wants someone else . she was just in bed with Blake the day before and how much she loved him. Just like make up your mind lady.  I didn’t like that even.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.