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Good Story and Characters

No Falling Allowed - Melissa  West

Grace works at the Met and is an event planner, Her father is one of the richest men alive. All Grace wanted was a normal life -her own life. Then Noah is in NYC and meets Grace and they have a night together but then he rushes away with no note, email, phone number nothing. Then Grace loses her job at the Met. Then her father takes all the backing from her even the credit cards she had as she would not go in the family business. That just makes Grace work all the harder. Back home in a small town Noah is a bartender. Noah has given up any dreams he may have had when his parents died and he was raising his younger brother. All he wanted was his younger brother to feel safe and secure. Grace wants to do things for herself without falling back on the family name and her father doesn’t want to hear that. Grace finally lands a job with a wedding planner. The first wedding was in Noah's home town.

This story was really good with a cute plot and was well written. I thought her father was being a jerk he could have waited until Grace  got situated instead of trying to force his will on Grace I was proud Grace didn’t cave in and go to the family company.. I really like Grace’s independence and determination. I liked how Noah was there for his brother and gave up what he himself might have wanted to do with his life. I really liked the inns and outs of this story especially involving Noah and Grace. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.