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Good Story and Characters

Anything But Love - Abigail Strom

Ben Taggert had known Jessica for twenty years but they were no longer friends. Back in Jr. High they had been best friends and bend had a secret crush on Jessica. Then her family sent her to fat farm just before Freshman school of HS and she came back twenty pounds lighter and seemed to be only a shell of herself and had no time for Ben anymore. She only cared about herself. Yet he was invited to her wedding he did not want to go but his mom gave him those eyes and he agreed to go. Jessica was now just a beautiful shell Ben still preferred her twenty pounds heavier and the person she used to be even though she was young. Ben was a teacher even though his family had money he wanted to walk his own path. Then at the church Jessica  was jilted and her fiance Tom never showed up Jessica had been totally humiliated. Ben knew she could use a friend: kindness with no judgement and he goes to Jessica. They decide Ben should go on her honeymoon with Jessica as friends- ten days in Bermuda. Ben didn’t know Jessica had been molested and that is basically why she rebuilt herself but was really only a shell. While in Bermuda Jessica’s walls started to come down and Ben started to see some of the old Jessica.

I liked this story alot. I wish Jessica would have turned to Ben but they were both young. I was glad Ben chose to go to Jessica and be her friend right away after Jessica had been left at the altar. He was a good man. The story was good as was the plot. I liked the characters and i loved the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.