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Good Story and Characters

All the Time in the World: A Novel - Caroline Angell

Scott and Gretchen had two small sons: George and Matt. Charlotte had a couple degrees in musics but had been cheated out of a job by her teacher Jess and has taken on babysitting until she figures out what to do next.The babysitting will pat her bills. It toke Charlotte six to seven months to understand Georgie talk.Charlotte has known Gretchen two years now. Gretchen is killed by a cab when Matt is five and Georgie is two.Scott is not at home alot with his job so this is extra difficult for the two young boys Charlotte moves in to take care of the boys as she is the only person beside Gretchen who knew the boys routine. Then Charlotte ends up doing basically everything for the boys as their father is more distant as the boys remind him of Gretchen. Charlotte ends up handling the kids behavior problems both at home and at school, sessions with a psychologist and even planning birthday problems. Then Scott leaves Charlotte with the boys for an extended business trip out of the country and it’s really just to much. Charlotte isn’t even sure who she is anymore.

I don’t really like when stories go back and forth in this case before death and after death then also several years before but it was pulled off pretty well here and I did get through it. What i didn’t like at all was how Scott just dumped everything on Charlotte instead of bonding with his sons who hurt and felt rage just like their dad did. Then to say he was going out of the country for an extended time. I just felt he was being a total jerk , weather he liked it or not or it hurt the boys were his responsibility not Charlotte's. I felt he was using Charlotte even though he was paying her. Charlotte was young and had her own life to get on with. Scott helped make the boys he needed to step up after all they were part of Gretchen also. Anyway it was worth reading this ,it was a very good story but as you could tell Scott irritated me. You do feel like you are right there with Charlotte. It  recommend .

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.