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Great Story and Characters

Tempting Mr. Wrong - Kerri Carpenter

Carly’s brother Chris and his wife had died and Carly was raising her four year old niece Mya. Lance served several years in the Army and was ready to be free of the Army. He had been Chris’s best friend and was Mya Godfather. Lance got a lost letter from Chris that he had written before he died, he had asked Lance to check on Carly and Mya if anything happened. Lance and Carly had been attracted to each other at Chris’s wedding and had fooled around and then he just left hurting Carly. Lance goes to see Carly and Mya and they are okay but Chris got the house and it was a fixer up and he didn’t get the chance to do some of the repairs so Lance decided to stick around for a little bit and help fix up the house. The attraction is still there but Carly is still mad at Lance.

This was an excellent story. I loved how Carly put aside her grief the best she could to raise Mya. Mya was as cute as can be and an awesome asset to the story even if it is sad she lost her parents.Lance is really good with Mya and that was sweet to see. I’m glad Carly gave Lance a hard time when it came to her as he deserved it for hurting her. I loved the ins and outs of this  heart touching story. It makes you feel like you are there with Carly. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.