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Good Story and Characters

Island Rogue (Loveswept, No 578) - Charlotte Hughes

Ellie went on vacation to Erskine Island to regroup , get some peace and quiet. Ellie just got through a very rough year. Ellie makes a few friends shortly after she gets to the island. Cutter does alot on the island, he’s mayor, sheriff, bartender, dog breeder and whatever else is needed he tries to be there.Cutter loved the island and it’s people. But he doesn’t hide the fact he is interested in Ellie. But Ellie had walls up and was a bit rude to Cutter but she had her reasons to act like she did. However she does soon start to heal and Cutter is there for her. Cutter knew when he first seen Ellie she was special.

This was a good romance story with some mystery and suspense. I liked the ins and outs of this story especially involving Ellie and Cutter. I really liked the characters, this story It has a good plot and is well written. I recommend.

I received an ARC for this story for an honest review.