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Good Story and Characters

The Master Of Strathburn - Amy Rose Bennett

Jessie is on the run as a man - Simon grant who is the Earl of Lochrose’s son is trying to make her his mistress and Jessie wants nothing to do with that. Jessie plans to run to her cousin but first she tries to get to the Earl’s hunting lodge but she is shot at and the bullet skimmed her arm. When she comes to she is with the Earl’s other son Robert  who is estranged from his father. Robert has decided to help Jessie get to her cousin. Then feelings develop between the two of them. But Robert could be hung at any time for his beliefs. I liked this story. I did feel bad for Jessie one of the Earl’s sons is trying to force her to be his mistress. Then she gets feelings for the son who could be hung at any time. But she was a good heroine and I liked her as well as Robert and all the ins and outs they went through as well as those in the story. This story had a good plot and written well. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.