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Great Story and Characters

I Don't Want to Talk About It (Yorkshire Romances) - Jane Lovering

Winter rents a small cottage trying to get over a relationship with Dan who had told her to choose between him and her sister Daisy. Dan is also her editor. She is trying to finish a book on gravestones and the stories behind the people buried there.Her first book “ Book Of The Dead” was an unexpected hit. Daisy was her twin sister and constantly gave her support. Alex is eight year old Scarlett’s uncle and all he does is take care of Scarlett for the last three years since his sister’s death and to some degree blamed himself. Both Alec and Winter are damaged souls but there is an instant attraction between them. But Dan can’t seem to stay away from Winter. Dan’s thought’s are seen through tweets, face book, emails and conversations he has with other people.

I absolutely love this story. It was well written and the plot was great. It was a very touching story. I absolutely loved the characters and choked up during this story.I loved the ins and outs and I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.