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Good Story and Characters

His Darling Bride (Echoes of the Heart) - Anna DeStefano, Amy McFadden

Rich wants Law to cover a shift at the bar but Law says he has to study for a final and was doing all nighters all weekend to study. Law worked at a local bar called McC’s. Then a new gut offered to fill in for a day or two. Rich mentioned how they hadn’t meant and Mike introduced himself. And told a little about himself. Bethany had been raised in a foster care. She had dreamed of being a painter but that wasn’t going to happen. So she started over several times and was gone several years but then decided she wanted to go home. When she returned Bethany felt awful about the way she pushed her foster family out of her life. But the family had unconditional love for Bethany and happily let her back in their fold. Bengie was Brittany’s ex but was slinking around trying to get back in her life. Mike came from a wealthy family but none of that help his older brother Jeremy who had Cystic Fibrosis.  Jeremy was very sick. So Mike went from place to place for his brother. Before Jeremy got really sick he was the adventurer and mike filmed it until he got to sick and became hospitalized  bound. Then Mike toke pictures to share with Jeremy. After Jeremy passed away Mike refused to stay in NYC. he became a very sought after photography and no one knows who it is as Mike only uses his initials. Mike checked out Bethany as soon as she walked. One of her sisters Dru is going to be married. Bethany was out for a girls night out and was at the bar when Bengie grabbed her arm then out if nowhere Mike was there acting like Bethany’s boyfriend inferring they had started dating in Atlanta. Then Bethany and Michael kiss and it’s like nothing they had ever experienced before.      

I really enjoyed this story. I liked how the author shows how a foster family can sometimes be more loving than a natural family. I love how the town was also. The writing was good as was the plot. I liked the ins and outs of this story as well as the characters. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.