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Good Story and Characters

Never Marry A Warlock - Marilyn Vix

Catherine walked in to find her husband Rich in bed with her best friend Cassie. But Catherine wasn’t going to take this. Rich was a warlock and Catherine was a witch and pretty much matched rich. This time she told rich it was over she was done. They had  only been married one year and every year married couples had to renew the vow. Charolette was no longer going to renew the vow and they would no longer be married. As Catherine heads north she picks up a hitchhiker Jeff who is carefree and gives her companionship which she needs. But Rich wasn’t going to let things just go. Catherine and Jeff end up in Vegas to have some fun. I liked this story alot but when a novella is good I wish it had been longer. This was a great fast read.there was even some action thrown in. I laughed at times while reading this. I didn’t really like the quick ending it was like all of sudden or at least that is how I felt. But I did love the twists and turns and the characters in this story. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.