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Good Story and Characters

All the Pretty Faces (Graveyard Falls) - Rita Herron

Agent Dane Hamrick  stared at the dead young pretty girl. She had been stabbed in the heart with a sharp instrument and she also had a criss cross pattern across her chest. Dane hurried to the scene as his sister Betsy had also been killed in an identical way. For ten years Dane had followed every case that had anything like his sister’s murder. He hopes to find his sister killer and would not give up. Dane’s sister had been so excited about her future. She had enrolled in college and taken a trip tp visit the campus and at nineteen years old her life had been taken from her. Dane felt guilty as he had not protected his little sister. Josie DuKane had been the only survivor of the Bride Killer - Billy Linden. She had been free for two years and she poured everything out in her journals. Josie had written a book on Billy Linden and it was being turned into a movie. Josie had went back to Graveyard Falls . She had set up interviews and anything else to make sure the movie was accurate as this was a very real event not fiction. But when she got in town she had a severe panic attack . Josie had insisted on being part of the production process to make sure only the truth was told. Josie was sent a picture of the murder victim on her phone. Josie felt like she was partly responsible. Josie insists on helping Dane.

This was a very good story. A good plot and good writing also. I didn’t like it when Dane didn’t listen to Josie when it was actually important. I will say this story doesn’t let go until you read the last page. It had alot of twists and turns that was for sure and I loved that. This was a very good suspense story with a bit of romance shot in. I do recommend it.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review,