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Downfall of the Gods - K. J. Parker

She was at a temple with him - Lord Archias who had killed her favorite musician.He tries to make her go with him to the archbishop after he was done sincerely praying for forgiveness. But then she lets him see who she really is and he now knows she is the Goddess Artemis - the Lady Of The Moon, The Queen of Laughter and it was her temple they had went to. She then leaves and sees her brother Pol and she asks him to by her dinner for her not to tell his wife he was done on earth and having sex with mortal women.Pol and his wife already didn’t get along. Artemis father intervened for Lord Archias so Artemis makes up a near impossible task to save Lord Archias. The task is to return the musician from the land of the dead.

I just could not get into this story . I tried but it just didn’t do anything for me. Also it talks alot of the mischief of the Gods that other stories have already told. The task was to be near to impossible that's not new either . I just didn’t enjoy this.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.