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Good Story and Characters

Closer Home - Kerry Anne King

Annelise/Lise’s younger sister Callie had passed away when a horse kicked her in the head. Callie had been a very successful country star who had said her sister Annelise was dead as was her mother both things were not true. Callie had a daughter - Ariel that Lise hadn’t seen since she was six ten years ago. Ariel is now sixteen. Dale was with Lise and she told Ariel he was her mom’s friend. They had all grown up together. Lise felt Callie’s funeral was more of a stage show then a service to honor Callie. Annelise recognized many of the mourners from TV, album covers, and movies. The only ones who seems to really be mourning were Annelise, Dale, and Ariel. Lise is used to her small life and that of a music teacher now suddenly she is heir to most of Callie’s estate and is Ariel’s guardian. Ariel then announces she is going to find her father Lise goes with her. Lise and Ariel have Callie’s diary to help them through their journey and they revisit Callie’s HS years the best they could. Lise has to deal with the dishonest business associates , the media, lawyers and more.I definitely liked this story’ I felt bad for Ariel she had everything materialistically but little true love and nurturing in her life. I was glad Lise was with her and they started to truly bond. I found this story a little slow at first but then it picked up and I didn’t wan to put the story down. But this story had great characters . The story itself was awesome as well as the plot. I loved the ins and outs of the story especially what Lise went through, O recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.