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Good Story and Characters

The Fearless Highlander - Amy Jarecki

Hugh McIain was imprisoned in Fort Williams In Scotland but would not let his true identity be revealed. He had been at Fort Williams a year in a half and is very sick and in bad shape, The prisoners have complained and finally Hugh was taken to the prison’s “ doctor” . There he meets Charolette who helps him get better then finally escape, Charolette is prison wardens daughter and a lady. But still her feelings for Hugh grew to more than just concern for another human and Hugh also cared for her. Hugh is the heir to the Glenco lands and a very fierce clan. Charolette had saved Hugh's life in more than one way. Charolette’s father is Colonial Hill and Charolette does not agree with how cruel he treats the prisoners they would be better off in hell. Her father is trying to get Charolette to marry the cruel doctor but Charolette doesn’t want to. After Charolette helps Hugh escape it is nine months before she sees Hugh again and no one would agree to their match except them. Will this work.

I truly enjoyed this story to have a a father so cruel and to be such a caring person is quiet the contrast. But I was pleased how Charolette toke care of Hugh and then helped him escape. The plot was good almost a Romeo and Juliet type story just no deaths but I still really liked this. The writing was good. I also like the twists and turns of this story. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.