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The Sweetest Chase (Heart of the Storm) - Sharla Lovelace

The internet network hears of the storm chasing Chase family and wanted to make a reality show about the family. Originally the contract was for the pilot and three episodes had already expanded to ten episodes. Eli was the oldest and Hannah usually did the filming but Hannah was helping Zach’s fiance Maddi as they were to be married in two days. So Quinn had stepped in to help. Zach was the driver with his animal like instincts, Simon was the teams weather guru.Quinn was Hannah’s photography assistant.Eli was all about family safety and rules as he had seen his dad die because of a tornado. Zach had at the back of his mind the tornado of seven years ago that had ripped through their apartment building and buried Maddie in a bunch of rubble on the day they were suppose to be married Quinn was to be married in a month but Simon -secretly from Quinn at least- had strong feelings for Quinn. Phoebe was Quinn’s younger sister and had a baby shower that day and Quinn was late but she did make it to her sisters shower even though her mother was disapproving of her as usual. The Chase brothers were Quinn’s brother’s best friend. Also Quinn cares for Simon more than just a friend.

 I liked the storm chasing aspects of this story, But I didn’t like Quinn. She had no backbone to stand up for herself She cheats on her fiance with Simon they after just treats Simon like nothing happened and did not break her engagement to Ericbut what made me even madder she messed around with Simon again then again treated him like crap and more than once. Simon deserves better than that. Quinn deserves everything she gets as she should have had a backbone right in the beginning for what she really wanted and who she really cared for. And not keep hurting Simon

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.