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Good Story and Characters

Wild Bells to the Wild Sky - Laurie McBain

Geoffrey Christian was a privateer who had gutted the Maria Conception bur Geoffrey’s heart had been jolted by the beautiful senorita Magdalena who was on her way with her family to marry a rich widower. But Magdalena is as taken with Geoffrey as he is with her. Magdalene goes against her family to marry Geoffrey Even though Geoffrey is of a different faith and nationality Magdalena does not regret her decision. After seven years of no contact from her parents or sister her dad contacts Magdalena to let her know her mom is dying and wants to see Magdalena Geoffrey and Magdalena had a daughter named Lily and she was full of adventure like her dad. On the return trip home Magdalena's brother in law ambushes Geoffrey's ship and sinks it. Geoffrey had sent Magdalena , Lily, And Sir Basil who was his brother had been sent to a island near by where the ship sank. Valentine goes and rescues Lily and even though she was only fourteen she fell in love with Valentine He breaks her heart but life goes on. Sometime later their path crosses again……

I enjoyed this story although the story was a little long. This story had alot to it: pirates, adventure, royals, revenge, romance, treason, England, Caribbean, desert island, pet monkey, sassy parrot, intrigue, betrayal, heartbreak, a queen, and so much more. But it also gave you alot of information so you didn’t have a bunch of questions and I loved that. I liked the characters, the plot was very good as was the writing. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.