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Good Story and Characters

The Duke's Accidental Wife - Erica Ridley

The Duke of Ravenwood / Laurence was: cold , proper, and stuffy or so he seemed / He would rather be home then mixing with the high up of society. Though no one really knows it the Duke was a romantic at heart and wants to fall in love with the woman he marries. But he does try to do his best for king and country even if he did not go off to fight in the war but he had just become a Duke and instead toke his seat in the House Of Lords’ Laurence’s sister has a way of getting the Duke to do as she wants him to do and she wanted Laurence to support the cause she and her friend Katherine//Kate are promoting. Kate is very interdependent and knows what she wants. Kate doesn’t want a husband and kids the normal role a woman of her time and standing would full fill. But then Laurence and Kate are caught in an innocent but compromising position. Laurence agrees to marry Kate for appearance sake. Kate comes across full of life but in reality she is lonely. Kate had been orphaned when still young. She was afraid of having a child and losing it or dying herself as she had grown up with her aunt who was a midwife. Laurence had also lost his parents at a young age but dreams of having a loving wife and children to fill his empty home. Laurence grew up with his sister and a guardian who wanted Laurence dead so he himself could become the Duke. Laurence does support Kate and tries to attend certain functions for Kate. The just have to get to really know each other and not what the world sees them as. Laurence and Kate both try make small changes in themselves to make the other happy.

This was an all around good story. I like how the cold and stuffiness is only a facade for Laurence.and he as well as Kate really try to make the marriage work. There is an attraction there but both Laurence and Kate know it takes more than attraction if they want a happy and successful marriage between them. The plot was great bringing two lonely people together. The writing was also great. I liked the characters alot especially Kate and Laurence. I liked the ups and downs in Laurence and Kate’s journey to happiness.  I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.