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Good Story and Characters

Seducing the Boss (The Pulse Series) - Mari Carr

Kellan/Kell  was the CEO in the hospital that Sara worked at. Sara was his employee as well as her friend. The Board Od Directors wanted Kellan to find ways to cut the costs of the hospital as well as fix the slow response time in the ER.Sara was a nurse in said ER ‘ Kellan has tried to get Sara to take a an administrative job but she didn’t want to know anything about that. Kell’s friend Josh had called and wanted to know if Kell wanted to stop for a couple beers at Score a local sports bar not to far from the hospital. Kell made it clear to anyone he seen that he was only in it for the sex and a good time no strings, no relationships, no drama, no forevers, no love. When Kell was thirteen he and his mom walked in on his dad having sex with another woman His mom forgave his father but Kell didn’t and couldn’t understand how his mom could. He would never forget the look on his moms face when they found his dad. Alot of people said he was alot like his dad and he never wanted to hurt anyone like his dad had hurt his mom. While at the bar with josh Kell notices Sara is there and dressed and Kell noticed she was really pretty and Sexy and he instantly got hard. Sara was sitting by herself in a booth. For years Kell thought of Sara like a sister but not tonight. David had been Sara’s boyfriend of about three years then they broke up. David had dumped Sara and soon after married another woman. Kell went over to Sara and when he left Sara was with him and his to do with as he pleased for the weekend. Monday things was to turn back to normal between them.

I did really like this story It made me smile at times and choked up at others. The plot was good and the writing was good also. The only thing was Kell seemed to realize he loved Sara out of nowhere really. It just seemed to quick and easy considering it was something he didn’t believe in. I am glad he did but just went to easy and fast as far as I’m concerned. But otherwise i loved the ins and outs Sara and Kell went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.