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Becoming Marta - Lorea Canales, Gabriel Amor

Marta’s father had a new wife -Gaby and there was a party going on that Marta had no interest in. Marta’s adopted mom had breast cancer and it spread. Her father left her mother at the hospital instead of bringing her home where Marta would have hired people from hospice until she passed away. At thirteen Marta had a driver who toke her to classes in: dance, tennis, golf, swimming, and French. Marta was trying to find her birth mother to see why she gave Marta up. Marta grew up spoiled and like to drink and do what she wanted not that she always could . Then Marta found out she was left a sizeable amount of money from her adopted mom and could now be independent of everyone and live her life as she wanted.

I really didn’t get this story. The chapters jumped from character to character and some were in a different place in time. It was also a little hard to follow the story. In the end I asked myself what exactly was this story really about.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.