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Exquisite Trouble - Ann Mayburn

Swan had been put through survival tests since the age of eight by her father. Because of this Swan doesn’t like to be touched and is afraid of strangers and she can definitely protect herself. Smoke is an ex marine and now sergeant of arms at the Iron Horses MC. Smoke is deadly and has a quick temper. But not when Swan is around he is very tender and gentle with Swan. Smoke is also possessive and dominate and a player  basically a bad man until he sees Swan. Swan is a twenty year old virgin, very intelligent yet naive, Swan had a very military type upbringing and has no real social skills but can get mouthy as all get out. There was an intense chemistry between Swan and Smoke. Their mother [ swan and her twin sister Sarah] . Smoke had been watching Swan per orders Swan’s mother got in trouble by stealing and left the two girls in trouble. Swan’s twin Sarah hooked up with a biker who was the president of the Iron Horses and that is why Smoke has been watching Swan. Sarah is the opposite of Swan completely reckless and that is why she ended up with Beach. Smoke finds that Swan is every thing he has wanted and never had. He’s happy to be protecting her. Sarah calls to meet Swan and she agrees but is kidnapped Sarah is taken also. Smoke gets Swan back but is determined to keep her at his side and keep her safe. Then after Sarah is back Smoke is determined to find the girls mom so they will both be safe.

I really liked this story but first and foremost thing i dislike in stories is cliffhangers and this had one. I felt the plot was a little messed up at times also. But I still enjoyed the story probably would have been a five otherwise. I loved the characters and I liked most of the twists and turns in this story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.