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Fury Scorned (New England Furies Book 2) - Nicola R. White

All fury’s have weaknesses. Alex’s is jealousy. Alex’s fury name is Megeara. Alex has a fury living inside her for the last six months. Tara, Rachel, And Alex are the Fury Gang. Alex is a stripper and Ty was an ex Navy Seal. Alex is outspoken and doesn’t have much of a filter.  But she can also be very insecure and needy. Ty tried to understand her the best he could .

I didn’t hate this story but I didn’t love this either. It might have helped me if I had read the first story first things might have came together better for me. But there was alot going on in this story: action, adventure, friendship, loyalty, honor, Gods, Goddesses, schemes, minions, romance, insecurities, and more in this story. But i felt there were too many characters involved in this story. It was fun to see the fury inside the woman and how they worked together. As far as Ty and Alex go their relationship seems forced and rushed at times.  There definitely was not enough interaction. But the sex was hot. This story well written and had a pretty good pace to it. But Alex was strong at times but others insecure and needy so need to be a bit more of one or the other. However I did laugh at times while reading this story. . All and all this had some things I didn’t care for in this story. Also some things I liked in the stories.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.