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Great Story and Characters

Switching Hour: Magic and Mayhem Book One (Volume 1) - Robyn Peterman

Zelda is thirty years old and is in magic jail and her cellmate is Sassy who had sex with Baba Yaga’s boyfriend. Zelda had been in the jail cell with Sassy for nine months. Zelda had ran over her familiar- a cat- three times. Zelda and Sassy had been locked in Salem in a hotel from the 1900’s had been converted into a jail for witches. They were in cell block D - for witches who abused their magic too easily. Baba Yaga showed up at the cell . Baba Yaga was at least three hundred years old but only looked about thirty five as witches age slowly. Zelda had used magic for expensive clothes, shoes, and a vacation. Sassy used her magic to seduce men and had incurred millions of dollars in damages from her temper tantrums. They were suppose to be white witches who used their magic to heal and make Mother Earth a better place. So now both Sassy and Zelda had tasks to do while on probation with limited magic to use. If the girls did not complete their tasks in a month on All Hallows Eve they would become human.Zelda pulls away to go to W Virginia to do her task and had been on the road about five hours and then she heard a voice and it was her familiar - the cat Fabio was in her back seat . He looked pretty messed up and climbed to the passenger suit. Then Zelda gets to W Virginia and finds a community of shifters. She also finds out she is suppose to be the mate of Max who is a werewolf. She is also suppose to be the savior of the shifter community as she is a great healer for them. The shifters came to care and love Zelda. Also Max is the alpha of this particular shifter community. He wants Zelda so much.

I absolutely loved this story. It was hysterical. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard or often while reading a story. This was a fairly quick read and I didn’t want to put this story down until i read the last page. It was a little slow at the beginning but that was quickly forgotten . I loved all the twists in the story and i loved the characters and I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.