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Good Story and Characters

Finding Flynn (Marlowe, #1) - Alexandria Bishop

Flynn is twenty one year old man who is the lead singer in the band Marlowe he is in a pup with his band playing some music. Ashtyn has a fight with her mom when she finds out they are not on vacation but moving to Oregon and she will be starting her senior year in a new place.Her parents are splitting up and her younger sister Abby is staying with their dad and she was to go and stay with her mom. Ashtyn walks in the pub hears one of her favorite songs being done and sits down at the bar. The one of the band members gets behind the bar and starts tending bar, His name is Flynn. Flynn and Ashtyn are instantly attracted to each other, He is twenty one and she is eighteen a good range in ages. But Flynn has a big secret. Flynn and Ashtyn start to hang out after he walks her home that first night. Flynn feels very protective of Ashtyn.

I did like this story but did think a little younger crowd would really relate to this story as they would be they ones having problems with their parents and trying to manage the road to adulthood. But I did enjoy this story. I liked the twists and turns in this story and involving Flynn and Ashtyn. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.