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Great Story and Characters

Shadowing the Beast (Hunting the Dark Lord Book 2) - Ann Jacobs

Stephan was a vampire who had been sent to capture a vicious murderer named Louis Reynard who was also a vampire. Louis had twenty victims already . Louis and Stephan fought but Lewis bit Stephan as Stephan went for a stake, Stephan did use the stake but did not get in Louis’s heart to kill him so Louis got away. Stephan knew he should have listened to Alina and not came after Louis alone. Stephan checked and the woman was already dead. There was Louis’s calling card - a white rose. Stephan tracked Louis to the airport Louis was going to Chicago. Alina ordered Stephan to be prudent or Stephan would have staked Lewis at the airport no matter who was there. Alina ordered Stephan to come back to rest and get nourishment. Alina was the queen of the d’Argebt vampire clan. Louis had proposed and been rejected by Alina who was Stephan’s cousin. He then started the killings at the first day of every full moon for over a year and a half. There wasn’t anything Stephan wouldn’t do or give up for Alina or their clan. When Stephan was a youth he had a lover Tina and he drank too much from her and she died. Stephan would not turn her not even to save her life. Stephan was determined to mate a dhamper or another true vampire which is a vampire born as a vampire not made into a vampire. Now Lina received noted for Louis several days in advance naming the cities as well as the person’s name who would be his next victim. Stephan tracks :Louis next vicyim her name  is Julia and eventually she has feelings for Stephan who tries to ignore them and the chemistry between them in order to keep her safe.

I really loved this story. I loved the plot and writing. I Liked the good caring vampire against the evil vampire. I liked how Stephan tried to ignore his and Julia;s feelings so he could keep her safe. It was just a good read and I loved it. I also loved the ins and outs of this story especially the ones involving Stephan and Julia’ I highly recommend’

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.