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Good Story and Characters

Body Shot: A Last Shot Novel - Kelly Jamieson

Hayden is a geek, work is her life she is a a biochemist and is trying to find a cure for cancer. Both Hayden's parents died form cancer when Hayden was in her teens. Hayden likes things perfectly planned out. Beck is an ex Navy Seal. He is now a bar owner with two of his friends Cade and Marco.Hayden’s best friend Carrie told her that Hayden needed to get out more. Beck comes from a wealthy family but they aren’t close. Hayden has lived with her aunt and uncle since her parents had passed away. Now her aunt has broken her hip and Hayden feels she must do as much as she can for her aunt and uncle.

Hayden decides to go out and ends up at Beck’s bar there is an instant attraction between Hayden and Beck. Hayden and Beck are so very different. He owns a bar whereas Hayden owns Vanguard Corp- a medical research company. But at least Beck pays attention to Hayden even if he can’t understand what she is talking about.

I like this story’ I especially liked how Beck did try hard to make Hayden happy and change a little for her. At times Hayden seemed a little whinny and immature but you get through it. I loved the characters in this story especially Beck’ I also liked the ins and outs of the story as well as the ones concerning Beck and Hayden went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.