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Good Story and Characters

Royal Games - Sariah Wilson

Genesis had just returned home after nine hours of travel. She was living with her aunt Sylvia as her mother had passed away. Her aunt acted very anxious and she then told Genesis she had rented out the guest house . Genesis was happy until she found out who had rented it. Awhile back her aunt had talked  Genesis into auditioning for a reality show called Marry Me. Genesis worried she would be found but it had been eleven years and the people Genesis was afraid of didn’t believe in electricity . Her aunt assured her there would be no problems. Genesis had fallen for the male in the show then she found out he was a prince. But he had a twin brother and he was the one Genesis had fallen for and she wanted no lying man. His name was Rafe and now he was here and rented the guesthouse for a full year. Genesis and her aunt needed all the money they could get if they wanted to keep there home and not sell off any of the land. Rafe had tried to apologize to Genesis but she didn’t want to hear it. It had been six months since the show but Genesis still reacted to Rafe and Genesis was not happy about that.Genesis felt annoyed and stupid as alot of her anger had dispersed and she felt better just being near Rafe. Rafe rented the guesthouse to get the chance to explain to her why he had done what he did on the show. Genesis still reacted to Rafe and she wasn’t sure if she was more mad at him or herself for that, Genesis couldn’t seem to tell people no when they wanted her help and Rafe had asked if she had learned how to say no yet. Whitney was Genesis’s best friend . Rafe wants to Genesis to believe what happened months ago was real. Genesis had grown up in a cult and knew all about being controlled and lied to and refused ever to be controlled again.

I like this story alot. This story is part of a series and I hadn’t read the books before and I advise you to read them in order to bring everything together. I understood why Genesis was so upset with Rafe after being humiliated in front of thousands of people on tv but at least Rafe truly cares and wants to make things right. I loved the ups and downs in this story and with Rafe and Genesis. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.