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Great Story and Characters

Wolf Bite (Wolves of Willow Bend Book 1) - Heather Long

Mason heard a woman struggling in an alley and went to help and it was Alexis. She was part of the pack back home at Willow Bend. Alexis was human but her mother married a wolf and then her mother wanted to be turned and was and she too acted as all the other wolves .That only left Alexis but Mason became her friend he protected her from bullies and made her laugh and she had a secret crush on him. Then Mason parents died one at the fight with the alpha and one from suicide. Then Mason left no goodbye nothing. Eventually Alexis moved to the city and got a job Her stepfather who adopted her got for her with someone he knew. He was way to protective but Alexis still loved him. Mason left because he had become a lone wolf but Alexis did not know that at the time or at that entailed. Alexis had an relationship with Jensen but when they had sex it just left her cold and she wanted it to get over eventually they broke up and Alexis didn’t get involved with anyone else. But her desire for Mason was running strong. Mason could not help but react to Alexis and his own desire. Mason left while Alexis was still sleeping after spending the night. Margo was an enforcer of the wolf pack and wanted a favor from Mason for him to keep an eye on Alexis as she had to be somewhere else so he went ahead to agree against his better judgement. But he wanted to be with and around Alexis.

I loved this story it was great. My heart went out to Mason who loved the freedom of being a lone wolf but was lonely. I also loved how independent Alexis was and she had to fight for that. I feel that Alexis never got over Mason and that is why she was cold with Jensen and didn’t try any other relationship Mason had met to much to her when she was young and she never let go of him. Then he came barging back into her life and then left again. My heart hurt for Alexis. Yeah you could say I felt like I was right there with Alexis and Mason. And that is good writing. The characters were great, the plot was also great as was the writing. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.