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Beauty and the Highland Beast: A Highland Fairy Tale - Lecia Cornwall

Dair Sinclair was the chief’s son and clan favorite. When something horrible happens to him, he almost dies and starts to go crazy. His father desperately pulls in a number of mid-wives to try to help his son. When the latest one tells him that a virgin must be brought to the keep, he hurries to a neighboring clan where there are a number of females.
Let me start by saying I think my favorite character is probably Fia’s father Donal! The few times we see in his head are absolutely hilarious. He really loves his daughters in a time when that wasn’t necessarily the case. Aside from Fia’s father, I really loved both Fia and Dair. My heart bled for both of them. They went through so much before even finding each other. The story itself was really good. I didn’t predict a number of the twists the author put in there. I highly recommend.

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review